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Glass Railings to Give Your Vancouver Home a Modern Touch

Few things offer the elegance and grace of the look of a glass railing on your stairwell or deck. A glass railing is not only a low maintenance option that looks great, it is a durable, safe option that will stand the test of time either inside or outside your home or business. Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. has the experience and expertise to help you discover the look you are seeking if you are in the market for glass railings in Vancouver or North Vancouver.

Benefits of Glass Railings in Vancouver

So you have decided to investigate glass railings for your Vancouver or North Vancouver home. Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. not only manufactures elegant looking glass railings, we offer installation of railings in your home or business. We can design and manufacture glass railings for your home or business that offer both form and function.

Glass Railings Are Low Maintenance
Looking for something you can install and forget about? Glass railings are excellent for that. You do not have to do periodic staining or painting with a glass railing. All you need to do with tempered glass to keep it looking great is soap, water, and a sponge. That’s it!

Tempered glass railings will not fade, crack, or corrode. They can be used inside on a stairwell or outside on a deck to offer protection and safety without impeding your view. Exterior glass railings won’t be damaged by the elements and all you need to do is a simple periodic cleaning. Interior glass railings, as mentioned above, only need to be cleaned with glass cleaner or soap and water every now and then. They also offer a safe handrail when going up or down stairs.

Glass Railings Can Be Customized
Do you need to install a railing in a hard to reach spot? Do you like the look of frosted glass or clear glass? Our design experts can help you! The nice thing about glass railings is that they can be designed to fit almost anything. Frosted glass can be used to create more privacy in an exterior area of your home, while tempered glass can be cut to fit any number of designs. We will take a look at the area where you are looking to install a glass railing and our designers can come up with a number of creative options to suit your needs.

Offers Safety
If you have young children or pets they can be especially tough on railings on stairwells or decks. With tempered glass, you not only create an elegant barrier that reduces the risk of children or pets getting caught in between wood railings. Since they are made out of tempered glass they are strengthened to resist breaking or shattering, thus adding another level of safety.

If you think that a tempered glass railing installation is right for your home in Vancouver or North Vancouver, give us a call at Riverside Ironworks Canada Inc. Our team members offer extensive experience to ensure the high-quality results you crave.

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