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Custom Glass & Wrought Iron Railings in Vancouver Can Provide a Classic Look

Quality Products and Services, Including Glass and Wrought Iron Railings in Vancouver

Need to add a touch of customized class to your home or business? Since 1942, Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. has been providing a variety of attractive glass railings, and iron fixtures, including fences, gates, and wrought iron railings, for Vancouver property owners. From rustic to modern designs, each piece is customized on an individual basis for a look that's unique to your location.

We can create a number of fixtures for your home or business in Vancouver:

The team at Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. will prepare your new fixture from start to finish at competitive prices. After creating a custom design, we will manufacture the piece and install it at your location. We stand by our promises – everything will be delivered on time, and the work is guaranteed.

More on Iron Railings in Vancouver

Wrought iron railings are a great addition to your Vancouver home or business. When you choose to install iron railings you are getting a durable and stylistic element that is sure to accentuate any area where it is installed. Iron railings are designed to stand up to almost any type of weather. This includes rain, ice, and snow that are common in the Vancouver area. Wrought iron that is properly manufactured will not rust or become damaged. If you properly maintain these railings they will last for many, many years.

With that durability comes strength, and that is why many of our customers choose wrought iron railings. A wrought iron handrail or porch railing installed on the exterior of your home can make steps safer. They work great on decks and porches to provide more safety for people with small children as well. They give people something to hold onto as they walk up or down the steps to help with balancing. This is excellent on days with rough weather, as a sturdy railing is great to aid in walking up wet or icy steps.

Finally, many of our customers love the look that wrought iron provides. Our designers can help you find and manufacture a design that looks great with your home or business.

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Our products are sturdy and long-lasting because we want your location to look professional and stay protected. If you experience any problems, call us back for repairs, which can be performed in our shop or on site. We aren’t satisfied with the quality of our products until you are.

We encourage you to select the product of your choice to the left, and view pictures of our past work. When you decide it's time to increase the value of your home or business in the Greater Vancouver Area, contact Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. Give us a call today at 604-984-4000, and see what we can make for you.

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